(Manufacturer & Exporter of Autoparts)
Over the years, JMP has worked hard towards building a reputation of delivering top notch products. JMP's top management is committed towards effective product quality planning and has invested heavily in upgrading the manufacturing technology and techniques. JMP branded products are made with the highest level of accuracy and final finish, free from any casting/machining defects. The ISO/TS26949:2009 certification in itself speaks of the strict quality measures in place at JMP.
JMP has an in-house metallurgical lab fitted with the following equipment:
1. Spectro Analyzer to determine the chemical composition in metals
2. Universal Testing Machine to determine the tensile strength, elongation and prop stress in our products
3. M.P.I Tester to assure there are no hidden porosities/cracks
4. Micro Structure Analyzer to obtain a detailed view of the grain formation of the metal product
5. Hardness Tester to determine the hardness of the component