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JMP Code OEM Number Description
JPB001 03-03328 EQ 017 Equalizer
JPB002 0144585M001
Air Leaf Kit Housing
JPB003 301654
Air Leaf Kit Housing
JPB004 03-07296 Air Track Rear Hanger Latest Model
JPB005 03-06219 Air Track Rear Hanger
JPB006 031656B, 338718, 98031, E28875, E4781, M1662, M822, S5038, SB1665 U Bolt Top Plate
JPB007 0144406/ 0148280M002 Hanger Assembly
JPB008 Complete (includes M1752) Hanger Assembly
JPB009 02-02311M001 Hanger
JPB010   Peterbilt Air Bag Seat
JPB011 1513620491 Peterbilt Shackle
JPB012 1511620341 Peterbilt Shackle
JPB013 21649 E486-75 338-118 Peterbilt Side Bar
JPB014 02-00180 B1335-75 Peterbilt Spring Pin
JPB015 21419 B1419-75 Peterbilt Spring Pin
JPB016 21420 B1420-75 Peterbilt Spring Pin
JPB017 E321-75 338-725 03-1657 Peterbilt Air Leaf Plate
JPB018 338-1798 1168837 Peterbilt Air Leaf Plate Low
JPB019   Bracket
JPB020 9L-8693 FLAGG Hanger

Note: The OEM Numbers/other manufacturer numbers and company logos are for reference purpose only. JMP is not an OEM supplier to these companies and manufactures these components for replacement market only.