(Manufacturer & Exporter of Autoparts)
JMP Code OEM Number Description
JNS001 N-364 / 30x92 Shackle
JNS002 48510-7100 Bracket Contact Rear
JNS003 55210-90310 Helper Bracket Small
JNS004 55210-Z0002 Helper Bracket Big
JNS005 N-264-55020-90004 Shackle
JNS006 37522-90008 Bearing Case
JNS007 37524-90007 Bearing Case
JNS008 54201-Z90007 Rear Spring Front Bracket
JNS009 54205-Z90006
Rear spring Rear Bracket
JNS010 55208-90013 Plate for Helper
JNS011 55210-90003 Helper Bracket
JNS012 54236-Z4000 Front Spring Plate
JNS013 54234-Z4021 Front Spring Bracket
JNS014 54236-Z0004 Rear Contact Bracket
JNS015 54236-Z4000 Front Contact Bracket

Note: The OEM Numbers/other manufacturer numbers and company logos are for reference purpose only. JMP is not an OEM supplier to these companies and manufactures these components for replacement market only.