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JMP Code OEM Number Description
JNI001 98116HX M15098116HX M150 Shackle
JNI002 423451C1 M1294423451C1 M1294 Hanger
JNI003 469995C1/ 477009C1/ M1452/ M1462/ M1463469995C1/ 477009C1/ M1452/ M1462/ M1463 Bracket
JNI004 1648598C1/ 473395C1 M15681648598C1/ 473395C1 M1568 Bracket
JNI005 1654353C1 M16701654353C1 M1670 Hanger
JNI006 M1454 Hanger
JNI007 1653736c3 M17721653736c3 M1772 Hanger
JNI008 423448C1 M1288423448C1 M1288 Hanger
JNI009 767601C1 M1182767601C1 M1182 Saddle Cap
JNI010 423450C1 M1292423450C1 M1292 Front Hanger for single frame with no reinforcementFront Hanger for single frame with no reinforcement
JNI011 63324H M58463324H M584 U bolt Bracket
JNI012 M744 U bolt Bracket
JNI013 525331C1 M1138525331C1 M1138 Bracket
JNI014 423449C1 M1290423449C1 M1290 Hanger
JNI015 423452C1 M1296423452C1 M1296 Hanger
JNI016 469822C1/ 469822C2 M1298
JNI017 469823C1/ 469823C2 M1300 Hanger
JNI018 422483C M1396 Rear Hanger with 1/4" thick angle reinforcement
JNI019 422484C1 M1398 Rear Hanger for single frame with no reinforcement
JNI020 422485C1 M1400
Rear Hanger for single frame with no reinforcement
JNI021 1168506C91/ 501556C2/ 1680506C93 M1544 Front Hanger
JNI022 497787C3 M1546 Front Hanger
JNI023 497790C2 EQ021, 338757, E3783, E65155 Equalizer
JNI024 507198C2/ 507198C3/ M1560 Bracket
JNI025 473397C2 M1254 Top Plate
JNI026 3378078071 M1442 Hanger
JNI027 MI 16994/ 500737 CI M1464 Bracket
JNI028 MI 27039/ 500738/ MI/ M 870-3 M1466 Bracket

Note: The OEM Numbers/other manufacturer numbers and company logos are for reference purpose only. JMP is not an OEM supplier to these companies and manufactures these components for replacement market only.