(Manufacturer & Exporter of Autoparts)
Casting Foundry
JMP utilizes the most modern electric melting furnace and premium raw material to ensure clean and homogenous metal poured into the castings. Operational efficiency is improved by the fully automatic sand reclamation plant installed in our foundry. The latest jolt squeeze molding machinery provide for consistency in casting surface finish. Special importance is given to the chemical compositions and physical properties to minimize the internal casting defects in our products.
Sand Plant
Jolt Squeeze Moulding Machine
Shot Blasting Machine
The Machining Unit
The advanced machining techniques utilized by JMP provide the highest degree of productive efficiency and ensure that you receive the ultimate in precision and accuracy. Our fully integrated machine shop is equipped with the latest in computerized numerically controlled (CNC) equipment including HMCs, VMCs, CNC Turnings and CNC profile cutting machines. This ensures high levels of order standardization without compromising on quality and thereby balances the high demands of our products and our customer's satisfaction.
CNC profile cutting machine
CNC Turning Centre
Vertical Machining Centre
Production Area Total 12,000 sqm
Casting Capacity Max 4,000 ton/year
Materials Grey Cast iron according to DIN 1561 (EN-GJL-250....EN-GJL-300) Nodular graphite cast iron according to DIN 1563 (EN-GJS-400.....EN-GJS-550)
Steel casting according to DIN GS52, GS20 Mn5
Melting Process 1 x 1 t medium frequency induction furnace
1 x 0.5 t medium frequency induction furnace
Moulding Process Machine moulding & Hand moulding
Core Moulding CO2 and chemical bonded sand
Cleaning Process Hanger type shot blasting machine (capacity. 500kg per lot)
Belt type shot blasting machine (capacity. 250 kg per lot)
Priming/Painting Corrosion protection and painting according to costumers requirements.
Pattern In house pattern making and mainenance.
Machining Installed latest CNC turning Center, Milling, VMC, HMC and Plasma profile cutting center supported by conventional machines.
Quality Assurance Instruments Spectro Analyzer, Tensile Strength Tester, Hardness Tester, Sand Tester, Micro Structure Analyses