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JMP Code OEM Number Description
JF001 3381385, 57336001, E79943, F2HZ5340C, S1192  
JF002 F2HZ5340F  
JF003 3381832, 57336013, E85643, F6HZ5340AA, HDR57336013 ,S1194  
JF004 D0HZ5775A/ D0HZ5775B  
JF005 3381066, D8HZ5775T, E68643, S1050  
JF006 D8HZ5775T 3381065, D8HZ5775U, E68743,S1051  
JF007 E5HZ5340F DOHA 5337 S  
JF008 E5HZ5340E  
JF009 C6TZ-5875B  
JF010 D5HZ5775A  
JF011 C1TT5775G  
JF012 338936, D1HZ5340D, E48743, E5HZ5340B, HDR57336003 ,S1033  
JF013 E0HZ5775G Cast: E0HT5795AB  
JF014 E0HZ5775H Cast: E0HT5795AB  
JF015 F2HZ5340F  
JF016 330106, DOHA5B311A, E26443,S3000, E3080  
JF017 338847, 57336002, D0HZ5340A,
E34743, E5HZ5340A, EH347, HDR57336002, S1003
JF018 B7Q5335A 338-1267 E384-43  
JF019 338935, D0HZ5340C, E45843,
E5HZ5340D, HDR57336004,
JF020 E 497-43 Shackle  
JF021 F0HZ5B311A , 338196, E76743  
JF022 DOHA 5240/DHA Z5351 LH E 7242/DOHA 5340 D RH  
JF023 Hendrickson 58795-000 GMC 2485257 Ford C6TZ-5875B Navistar 767601C1  
JF024 d8hz-5708, d1hz-5708a, fLAGG e345, fLAGG e345-43, fLAGG E519, fLAGG e519-43, m1284, m936, dAYTON 338-824 fORD u-bOLT sADDLE
JF025 TRAA 5335B  
JF026 DOHA 5340 AA
JF027 E 7244 DOHA 5341 AA  
JF028 D0HZ5780FE5HZ5780A, 327211, B131043  
JF029 B7Q5780A, 327250, B114443  
JF030 D0HZ5780EE5HZ5780A, 327209,B131143  

Note: The OEM Numbers/other manufacturer numbers and company logos are for reference purpose only. JMP is not an OEM supplier to these companies and manufactures these components for replacement market only.