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JMP Code OEM Number Description
JBF001 6311626 REAR HUB BF J5/J4
JBF002 6314725 REAR HUB BF J6
JBF003 7119451 708775
37119451 7087753
JBF004 7086732
Front Spring SHACKLE
JBF005 7087436 Rear Spring SHACKLE
JBF006 7116406 Front Spring BRACKET
JBF007 6311346 Front spring BRACKET
JBF008 6327616 Rear Spring Front Bracket
JBF009 6327617 Rear Sprng Rear BRACKET
JBF010 6311445 BRACKET
JBF011 6318007 Front Spring Shackle
JBF012 8839890 Bracket Leys
JBF013 7184744 Bracket
JBF014 708754 Bracket with Bush
JBF015 7075754
Rear Spring Front Bracket
JBF016 6367963 Bracket
JBF017 6309866/ 6390827 Bracket
JBF018 7094430 Rear Spring Front Bracket RH
JBF019 7094431
Rear Spring Front Bracket LH
JBF020 7094524
Rear Spring Rear Bracket RH
JBF021 7094525
Rear Spring Rear Bracket LH
JBF022 Helper Bracket Big Size 6309010/11
JBF023 7053266/ 7146657 Helper Bracket Small Size
JBF024 6310971 Rear Spring rear Bracket
JBF025 8311511
Rear Spring Front Bracket
JBF026 7075754 Rear Spring Front Bracket
JBF027 7075758 Rear Spring rear Bracket
JBF028 7125145 Rear Spring Front Bracket
JBF029 7098871 Rear Spring rear Bracket
JBF030 1040684 Rear wheel check nut inner
JBF031 7075939 Front Spring Front shackle H type

Note: The OEM Numbers/other manufacturer numbers and company logos are for reference purpose only. JMP is not an OEM supplier to these companies and manufactures these components for replacement market only.