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JMP Code OEM Number Description
J2001 272747 R/s Bracket 370
J2002 F7101222 R/s Bracket 'modified' 370
J2003 F0439922 R/s Bracket 'Tusker'
J2004 F0439912 R/s Bracket Spl. Viking
J2005 F0434322 F/s Bracket 370
J2006 F7105122 F/s Bracket 'Spl.Viking'
J2007 F1822443 F/s F/Bracket 'Viking'
J2008 274275 Helper Bracket 'steel plate' 370
J2010 F0436622 Support Bracket Fly wheel Housing 'cheetah'
J2011 F0431611 R/s Bracket 'Taurus'
J2012 F0431511 Centre Bracket Double Pin Taurus'
J2013 F1011602 Helper Bracket (S.G.I) Tusker
J2014 X0404622 R/s R/Bracket 2516
J2015 X0404522 R/s Middle Bracket 2516
J2016 X0404422 R/s F/Bracket 2516
J2017   Helper Bracket L/L Taurus Turbo 3516 10 MM
J2019 F-0439922 Rear Bracket Double Decker Hippo
J2020 F-0403222 Rear Bracket L/L 6 Holes 3516
J2214 F-7111922 /2022 Plate for Bracket 909
J2021 F-7101222 Rear Bracket Modified (H.Duty) O.E. Quality
J2022   Rear Bracket L/L N/M
J2216 F-7103272 Rear Spring Bracket Chital
J2219 F-1101122 F/s Bracket Chital
J2101 F3210122 R/F Shackle L/L 370
J2102   Shackle Plate 'Taurus
J2103 F3210705 V-Shackle L/L 'Taurus'
J2104 X3200122
Shackle H Type (1999) 'Taurus' N/M
J2105 F2240511 Bell Crank 2516 L/L
J2701 F 1840511 Front Hub 370
J2702 F 1843011 Front Hub CHEETAH
J2703 F 1847122 Rear Hub 370
J2704 F 1847111 Rear Hub Mark II (8 Holes)
J2705 F 1847111 Front Hub HINO
J2706 F 1863522 Rear Hub HINO
J2707 F 1828522 Rear Hub 3516
J2710 F 1849222 Rear Hub SC/CHEETAH
J2711 F 1847011 Front Hub HINO
J2712   Rear Hub 10 Hole Mark II
J2713 F 1853722 Rear Hub 3516 L/L without Gutka
J2714 F 1838422 Rear Hub Spl. VIKING (10 Holes) L/L
J2715   Front Hub 3516
J3553   Trolly Hub
J2901 F0430722 Gear Oil Retainer L/L
J2903 AL-2102/3 Front Brake Carrier LH/RH L/L
J2904 F1801422 Rear Brake Carrier L/L
J2905 F3030122 Withdrawl Plate w/o facing
J2906 F4030111 Clutch Hub Sleeve
J2909   Bush for triunion Bracket N/M Hippo
J2910 F1831122 Clutch Bearing Housing L/L
J2911 F1835022
Centre Bearing Housing L/L
J2912   Spring Seat Bracket Hippo
J2913 F1831022 Speed Change Housing L/L
J2914 F1300103 Clutch Withdrawl Plate N/M with facing Taurus

Note: The OEM Numbers/other manufacturer numbers and company logos are for reference purpose only. JMP is not an OEM supplier to these companies and manufactures these components for replacement market only.